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My as yet untitled novel is set in the fictional kingdom of Eldany, in a world that is (roughly) geographically speaking, based on our own. Eldany covers the area that equates to East Anglia (in shape and location). The kingdom is similar socially, technologically and scientifically to medieval times. The rich travel by horseback, the richer in carriages. The poor have no clean drinking water and struggle to feed their families. Eldany is run by a monarchy, with a guard that act as a police force and an army. Eldanian women aim to be married by eighteen. Their main duty is to raise their husband’s children to be richer than themselves. Social mobillity is hard, but it is always the target.This very rough map, which took me about five minutes to make, shows how Eldany is dwarfed by its neighbour. Veldland is ten times bigger than Eldany, yet has around the same population.

The darker green area is the Great Forest (might come up with a better name for this at some point) and the pale yellow area is the Golden Rim, the newest and largest ‘city’ in Eldany. The Golden Rim (often shortened to Goldrim) is where my novel is set. I’ll do another blog post soon to give more detail on the city, and then I’ll start to talk about the characters in the book.


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Sunday 1st May 2011 at 9:06 pm

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