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So, what direction will this blog follow?

There are many things that I wish to write about, so I fear, and expect, that a lack of specialisation will lead to this blog being lost and unloved in cyberspace.

First, I hope to make this an area to project my creative thoughts. My novel is nearly finished, but I’m still short of a title and need to flesh out several of the characters. Then there’s the matter of the next two installments, which are already drifiting around my mind. My writing is not a work of art, and I do not expect praise, but I have spent so many hours slaving away in front of a computer that it would be a shame to keep it to myself. It is personal to me; the characters turn up in my dreams and reflect much of my life. I enjoy creating characters to fill a world, and that is why I write.

The second aim I have for this blog is to post about my interests. Currently, these include Guild Wars 2, Doctor Who, rugby union, music and environmental issues. A bit of a mix.


Written by Freya

Sunday 1st May 2011 at 2:01 pm

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