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So the usual writer’s block blog post usually talks about how the writer’s at a dead-end with his/her story and can’t seem to start chapter x or section y.

I haven’t added to my novel in a couple of months, which is always worrying. I hate the feeling of being ‘stuck’; every time you look at the blank page on the computer screen you feel slightly intimidated by the sheer amount of white. This isn’t the main reason that I’ve stopped writing, however. It’s probably a combination of several other things:

  1. It’s time to write the most pivotal scene in the whole book. After all the 200+ pages of build up, this is really scary. What if I’ve forgotten how to write? What if I’ve completely misjudged this character? What if this has been entirely predictable all along and no-one bothers to read this far? Part of this problem is down to the fact that I like to envision each ‘scene’, as if it were in a film or on TV. I know what every single chapter should look like before I start writing it. I can even ‘watch’ several scenes from my next novel in my head. This means that I have huge expectations of what my words can bring to these characters and scenes. Unfortunately, due to my messy, imprecise writing style; the film in my head rarely translates onto the page as I would like it. There’s always going to be an anticlimax.
  2. Tiring of the characters or setting. I know it’s a bad sign when I become tired of my characters, but having written them for over two and a half years, as well as re-reading their journey at least several dozen times, I know them inside out. Whenever I go to write a new character, as I did in a previous post, there’s something fresh and exciting about it that really appeals to me. Often, I yearn for a third-person viewpoint. Sometimes I wish that I’d gone back through and changed all the ‘I’s’ to ‘he’s’ and ‘she’s’ and everything. Writing in first person is a lot more involving, and exhausting; but perhaps more rewarding. I’m not sure whether I could’ve told the same story if I’d have used third-person throughout. For the second novel, I plan to switch, at least partially, to third-person.
  3. Not wanting to reach the end. If I follow my plan exactly, I have five chapters left to write, plus an epilogue. So far, I’ve written 55 complete chapters, so five more really isn’t an awful lot. I’ve spent so much of my life writing this book that I don’t know what I’ll be without it. Who will read it? Next to no-one. Is it normal for writers to write for themselves? Unlikely.

Now it is time for me to dive boldly into these last five chapters. As I know, the longer I leave it, the harder it will be to start again.


Written by Freya

Friday 6th May 2011 at 10:37 pm

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