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Now to introduce another of my obsessions: Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG currently in development by ArenaNet. It is the sequel to the much-loved CORPG (co-operative RPG) Guild Wars, which I’ve spent 4+ years and over 2000 hours playing. I love the original for its focus on skill rather than gear, beautiful environments, lack of grinding and the general friendliness of the community.

Therefore, I was always going to be excited about a sequel. Guild Wars 2 aims to take the best bits of the original game and implement them into a persistent world. Every aspect of the traditional MMO is being examined and innovated upon, where necessary.

I will not go into the professions, races and basic facts about the game here. Instead, I’ll try to explain why I’m so completely obsessed about GW2, despite the lack of release date.

  1. No monthly fees, yet a full, proper MMO. I don’t like the idea of subscriptions, and have never considered playing a game with one before. They seem very restrictive, almost forcing you to play to get your money’s worth. After all, even if the subscription is only £5 a month then after two years that’s over £100 already.
  2. No healing class, tanks etc. In GW1 my main character for three years was a monk. I hated healing; I tried to focus on the protection prayers skill line. I realised when I returned to the game after a 2 year break that I couldn’t stand healing. It was only ever fun in a really challenging area…I just tended to doze everywhere else. In GW2 the responsibility for surviving will be shared equally among a party. No healers will be required. You play with who you want. All classes are flexible and can support, control and damage.
  3. Dodging. This just looks fun, and ensures that a skillful player can survive for longer than an unskilled one. It puts the focus on you rather than relying on others.
  4. Dynamic events. Not going to go into great detail here as there’s so much to say about them. But if they work, they’ll change MMOs for good.
  5. Home instance. This is in your race’s capital city and reflects your personal storyline (the primary quest equivalent). It changes depending on your choices and achievements.
  6. Personality system. Finally! More role-playing options! I’ve never been a hardcore RPer, but this simple system of ferocious/dignified/charming responses is perfect for me. Not too involved, but a nice way of thinking about how my characters respond to situations.
  7. Beautiful art and landscapes. Hopefully they’ll still look that way on rock-bottom settings.
  8. Night/day cycle.
  9. Casting (and shooting) while moving. Seriously, I can’t imagine my ranger going back to a longbow. With a shortbow I can move while shooting! Positioning is very important, even in PvE. I can play my ranger as a skirmisher, sniping round an enemy to attack its back or sides, then switch to a sword and dive into melee range.
  10. The dye system. It looks so beautiful. I’ll probably spend hours trying out different combos just because I can.

I’m going to stop there, but I haven’t even mentioned WvWvW, underwater combat, sidekicking, crafting…etc.

A new profession is going to be released this month (most say it’s the mesmer), so the hype train is well and truly starting again. I’ll try not to clutter up this blog with too much GW2 fangirl stuff, but I can’t promise anything 🙂


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Tuesday 10th May 2011 at 9:41 pm

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