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These past few days have not exactly been fun. They’ve gone something like this:

  • Wake up at 10am.
  • Drag self out of bed at 11am.
  • Start revision at 12am.
  • Stop revision at 7pm to play GW.
  • Start research for field project at 9pm.
  • Relax at 11.30pm.
  • Bed by 1.30am.

If this was how it really worked out, then that would be great. Unfortunately, that seven-hour revision session probably equates to about 1.5 hours of actual revision. I can’t help it, there are just too many distractions!

I don’t know why I bother F5ing Facebook and GW2 Guru every five minutes. It’s hardly likely that I’ll miss anything important.

And the worst that can happen is finding myself on YouTube, or worse still, Wikipedia. One tiny distraction in a Wikipedia article has led me to pages on John Lennon’s murder. An hour of revision time, kaput.

It’s not like I’m even worried about exams. I never get stressed out. That’s not because I’m arrogant or anything, I just don’t see the need for hysterics like 50% of the people on my course resort to. Most of the other 50% tend to fail.

It’s only really the field project that’s giving me the tiniest bit of a headache. I feel like I’m fighting on two fronts, which stops me from giving my full attention to either the exams or the project. I’m sure I could do twice as well on both of them if they came at separate times.

In two weeks, all of it will be over. I’ll have packed ready to go back home.

I guess I’m happy about that. After all, I’ve got a cello awaiting me. I’ve always wanted to play cello, especially after I had a go at playing the double bass while I was in middle school. It will be good to play again.

I suppose I’m sad that I’m leaving the day after exams finish. I won’t have a chance to get back into my normal university routine, spending time with all the amazing people I’ve met.

And I want to write. It’s much more difficult at home, when I can’t just lock myself in my room for hours on end to type away. Being at university gives me more freedom to continue telling the stories I want to, but at home that world takes a back seat.

Right now, there’s so much I want to begin writing. The plan for the second book, especially. I want to try a structured approach this time, with a proper outline and chapter plans. When I started Book 1 it was the characters that came to me first. Next, I gradually thought up an ending in my head, and the middle seemed to take shape based on the characters. I really enjoyed starting a chapter with one thing in mind and then having a character do something that changed it entirely.

The structured approach intrigues me because it’s less about my feelings and more about my skill (or lack of) as a storyteller. Can I actually plan a riveting, interesting story? That sounds like a challenge to me. I would guess that this is how professional authors write. They outline a book, show it to their publisher, who then approves it. It’s then up to the writer to flesh out the skeleton.

A second project, which is partly related to the second book, is the Holy Book of Eldany. I’m not interested in writing the whole thing, but there are certain things that I need to establish for the plot of the 2nd book to make sense. I always love writing lore; it gives me an excuse to use flowery language and write my own fables. If I wanted everyone to follow a code what would it be? There are also certain differences between the Holy Books of Eldany and Veldland – these are significant to the plot. I want to write the same passage in several different ways to show how the texts have been warped through time.

Ah, this has turned into quite a ramble! Just shows how much I want to write. But I mustn’t. Too much work to do.

I leave you with this stunning song, with a video to match:


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Wednesday 25th May 2011 at 11:55 pm

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