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Last night, I had my first properly lucid dream for a good couple of weeks. Lucid dreaming is basically where you become aware that you are dreaming. That happens to me most nights where I get a decent amount of sleep; perhaps 50% of my dreams are lucid. Most of the time however, becoming lucid while dreaming refers to when we are able to control what is happening with our dreams.

Lucid dreaming is not some new age spiritual nonsense. It’s scientifically proven that given the right training, anyone can control their dreams. There are certain techniques which work for most people (google ‘lucid dream induction methods’ to learn them).

I’ve never tried any of these so called ‘induction methods’. I suppose I’m quite lucky as it seems to have come naturally to me. I’ve always had vivid dreams. A few years ago I started making an effort to try and remember them, simply by replaying them through my mind the moment I wake up.

Knowing any particular themes or feelings within your dreams is a vital way of realising that you are dreaming. There’s that wonderful moment of clarity when you can think; “Hold on a moment, this isn’t right. I’m dreaming.” After that moment I usually allow the dream to drift on; to follow its path. I’m usually curious about what direction the dream will take.

But every now and again, I decide that I want to influence these dreams. For example, a couple of months ago I became lucid and thought: “This is a dream. What do I want to do in it? Fly.” And inside the dream world, I flew. It was perfect. That swooping feeling, even though you know it’s not real, it’s still tangible, and it’s created only by your thoughts. It really is exhilirating when you realise you’ve successfully controlled your dream. It’s hard not to get too carried away, though. Sometimes you’re so ecstatic that you begin to wake up. There’s a neat little trick to keep yourself within dreams, and that is simply to imagine that you’re spinning.

It takes a combination of practice, skill and concentration to be able to lucid dream. I still find that I have to focus so hard on influencing the dream world that it’s barely worth the effort. There are rules though, or at least stumbling blocks. Even though everything is in the dream, it still has to make sense to some degree. You can’t click your fingers to make a person appear. You can’t just rocket up into the sky if you want to fly.

To get that person to appear you have to do it indirectly. Perhaps the doorbell rings, or you conjure them with a wand, or you spot them amongst a crowd. To fly you might have to take a run up, to gain some speed.  That’s what I’ve found anyway. I hope to get more practice in!


Written by Freya

Tuesday 31st May 2011 at 4:23 pm

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  1. Good luck improving your dream control! I love lucid dreams. They have a way of putting a rose-colored lens over the following day. 🙂


    Tuesday 31st May 2011 at 5:40 pm

    • Thank you! Yeah, I was definitely in a happy bubble for the first few hours of today…shame I had an exam this afternoon to dampen my spirits 😦


      Tuesday 31st May 2011 at 6:23 pm

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