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Next week is an exciting week to be a hardcore Guild Wars 2 fan: the new look of the sylvari will be revealed. Yes, after months of speculation, sylvari week will show us the results of the long-awaited redesign.

Let me be clear: from the start, the sylvari were always going to be my race. A mixture of elves, plant-people and fae, the sylvari are a young forest-dwelling race that are wreathed in mystery; exactly the kind of race that intrigue me. My main will be a sylvari regardless of the result of the redesign (unless they are truly hideous, but I don’t think ArenaNet could make them hideous even if they tried), but I am still curious.

Ideally I would like the sylvari to have an elvish build – willowy, graceful and elegant – but to have more alien facial features. No drastically pointy ears, please. I also want to see a great variety in skin tones, pale greens and silvers and browns and golds. The sylvari are meant to be the beautiful race, and their colour palette should take in all the shades we see in the forests they inhabit.

The Grove, the sylvari’s capital, will also be showcased. I am drooling in anticipation. The Grove could be spectacular.


Written by Freya

Saturday 6th August 2011 at 8:50 pm

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