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Guild Wars 2 has felt like it’s a year away from release for almost 24 months.

January 2010

When I stumbled across the first two trailers after my break from the Guild Wars universe, I took this as a sign that release was near, or at least within 2010. Back then, a year seemed like an age to me.  After all, it was already around 12 months later than we’d been told beta testing would be. Surely the game couldn’t be more than a year away from release?

August 2010

The first demo footage from Gamescom. This was the moment that GW2 felt real for the first time. Half the professions were released at this stage, and two out of five races were playable. The first profession to be released was the elementalist, back in April. Showcasing four classes in four months seemed like a neat little pattern that could easily continue; pointing to release, or at least beta, by the end of 2010.

January 2011

After Gamescom and PAX, the silence began. This was a sad time for Guild Wars 2 fans (well, optimistic GW2 fans like me). As much as I hate calling it a ‘hype train’, it really was. From September until late January 2011 the train was refuelling. This was the time I scaled back my expectations for release. At this point, I expected the final four professions to be playable by Gamescom, with release in late 2011.

August 2011

Gamescom comes and goes without the 8th profession’s reveal. A 2011 release seems impossible. But there was a ray of light at the end of the tunnel: closed beta was on course to start sometime in 2011. Finally GW2 was nearing the end of its development cycle. After watching dozens of demo videos, reading every blog post and interview, I might finally get to play the game within the next 12 months.


We have not yet heard whether closed beta has begun, but most assume that it will start sometime in November. It is unknown if the mesmer will be unveiled before or after the start of closed beta testing (I’m betting we’ll get it later this month, or even this week if we’re lucky). The waiting has become tiresome, but I’m not giving up on the game. Far from it, in fact. My current prediction for release is sometime between February and June 2012, but definitely within a year.

Yes, I know that I thought GW2 would be released within 12 months back in January of 2010. Surely I can’t be wrong this time?


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Tuesday 18th October 2011 at 5:42 pm

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