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In a year that has been distinctly average, this last month has been almost exciting.

First, the bad things about December 2011:

  • My failure to write more than two paragraphs in our collab project
  • Having to get back into the essay, revision, essay, revision, essay, revision routine
  • Spending time with several people who really aren’t worth the effort
  • Not getting into the Guild Wars 2 closed beta.

I’m not really upset about not getting into the beta – after all, it came as no surprise, particularly after ArenaNet re-clarified their selection process. It’s a true closed beta – no applications and strict NDAs (at least to begin with).

The start of the closed beta is bittersweet for me, and I suspect other GW2 fanatics feel the same way. It’s absolutely great that they’re being so careful to allow the right people in to test and/or break the game; and the fact that people outside of ArenaNet’s family and friends are being given beta invites is significant in itself when the game feels like it’s been in development for centuries (it’s actually been less than 5 years). However, I want to get my hands on GW2 so badly. I can’t get to any of the conventions easily, so beta might well be my first chance to play the game I’ve obsessed over for so long. Occasionally I picture myself stepping in Tyria v.2.0 for the very first time: the glee at seeing the GW2 logo next to a little box that says username and password; being overwhelmed at the character selection screen; squeeing a little as the starting cinematic begins; and pressing the W key to set my sylvari ranger off into the depths of the Grove.

What other moments would be special? The first dynamic event, post-tutorial, perhaps. The sight of dozens of players uniting towards a common goal.What else? The first time I successfully dodge an attack. My first PvP victory. Heck, I’m such a fangirl I’d probably get excited when I got around to remembering I could shoot my bow whilst moving.

This is the point where I realise that beta testing is testing. I would have to play a certain portion of the game and attempt to break it, not stand there and spend hours dyeing my armor or admiring Lion’s Arch. Perhaps it’s better that I’ll probably have to wait until release before I get to play.

But what would I do, in the extremely unlikely event that the email turned up in my inbox?

I would test GW2 to the best of my ability.

That doesn’t mean I would number crunch or try and find the most overpowered build. Instead, I would play to my strengths: explore every little nook and cranny and search for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Yeah, I’m one of those irritating people that corrects you when you say compare to instead of compare with.

Anyway, I’m not ashamed to say that the above section was an advert for my *cough* considerable beta testing talents.

What d’you mean, spellcheck exists now?


Written by Freya

Saturday 31st December 2011 at 9:26 pm

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