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Guild Wars 2 Mosaic Groups

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None of us like to be seen as stereotypes – or as a member of any ‘standard’ group, in fact. Mosaic UK puts the entire UK population into 15 different demographic groups – a difficult and perhaps impossible task. Nevertheless, it throws up some rather humorous results. The groups include “Alpha Territory”,  “Suburban Mindsets” and “Small Town Diversity”, and are split into types (67 in total) – within “Small Town Diversity”, for example, reside  “Side Street Singles” and “Innate Conservatives”.

If those group names weren’t patronising enough, Mosaic UK gives each of the 15 groups typical names – for “Small Town Diversity”, you’re likely to find a greater proportion of Dennises and Sheilas, apparently.  The “Small Town Diversity” (please, don’t make me write it as STD) group makes up 8.75% of the total number of UK households. Their housing is usually older, and they have good links to their local communities. It then goes onto describe the usual income and property situations of Dennis and Sheila and their friendly community.

So the idea of Mosaic UK is to create these archetypal neighbourhoods that each of us can fit into, and then to use these demographic groups to carry out business and government iniatives most effectively.

Take a look at the groups yourself – which do you fit into? We might not like being crowbarred into them, but it is interesting, at the very least, to see where we fit in.

Can these groups be applied to the population of an online game such as Guild Wars 2? Perhaps the distinctions are less clear. The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology splits online gamers into four broad groups – Killers, Achievers, Explorers and Socialisers. Most of us know which of these categories we fit into. Mosaic, however, is more specific, slightly humourous and its groups aren’t immediately identifiable.

I want to make note of a grouping system for future Guild Wars 2 players with the clarity of the Bartle Test and the humour and grouping structure of Mosaic UK, just for laughs.  I might even throw in a colourful chart somewhere if the uploader decides to work :/

Group 1: Guild Wars 1 Players

(50% of the initial population)


Guild Wars 1 players range from extremely nice and helpful to completely smug that they joined the world of Tyria 7 years before everyone else. Most of these players are permanent residents of Lion’s Arch, some continuously shouting, “I LOVE YOU COLIN!”, “I REMEMBER WHEN UTOPIA/2008 BETA/DUAL CLASSES/DWARFS/GWEN…” or, “It’s just not the same :'(“.

GW1 players will flaunt their Hall of Monuments (HoM) rewards so much that you’ll begin to wish you could strangle that adorable ginger cat minipet; whilst others will say “Norn have no need of HoM points” as an explanation for their lack of bling, whereas actually  they only played about five hours of GW to begin with, and are now playing catch up.

Characters played: Mesmers, particularly human mesmers. A lower proportion of charr for this group, because they’re all evil, clearly.


  • Arenanet Fanboys and Fangirls (G1)
  • Lore Bores (G2)
  • HoM Grinders (G3)
  • Retired Pros (G4)
  • One-time Player, One-time Hater (G5)

Typical character names: _________ Thackeray, I Swung a Sword, It is ready, Primeval King etc.

Group 2: MMO Players

(40% of the initial population)


Assumed by group G1 to be no-lifers who enjoy nothing more than a nice healthy 3 hour raid every night. It is true that a significant proportion of this group will be scared by the lack of gear-based combat, and endgame, but another part of this group are just completely fed up with MMOs and GW2 is their final hope.

The trolls will tend to lurk amongst this group, crawling up from under the paving slabs of Divinity’s Reach from post-tutorial onwards.

This group is the most varied of all – some will just dip their toe into the lakes of Queensdale, others will attempt to grind their way to victory, and more will get their bearings and play GW2 as it was designed to be.

Characters played: Charr warriors, Human paladin – no, Guardians; sylvari rangers.


  • Innovation Seekers (M1)
  • Trolls (M2)
  • Rushers (M3)
  • Last Hopers (M4)

Typical character names: SWTOR Rulez, This Better Be Good, No Sub Fee Yay etc.

Group 3: Others

(10% of the initial population)


This group contains non gamers and gamers from other genres, particularly RPG players who’ve been put off MMOs by the negativity surrounding the genre.

Expect to see these players asking all sorts of innocent questions in chat, such as: “How do I save?” and “What, so I can play with all of you?” before getting ROFLed at by more seasoned MMO players. Their naivety will be crushed within their first month of playing.

Characters played: Mainly humanoid races, and standard RPG class combos like sylvari(“These are elves, right?”) rangers.


  • Curious Parents (O1)
  • RPG fans (O2)
  • “My Friend Said…” (O3)

Typical character names: [Standard fantasy first name] [Standard fantasy surname], Test Character, What Is This I Don’t Even etc.

Where do you fit?

Find your closest group using this chart (which is 15% accurate)


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